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Hex Bolts DIN960 Fine Pitch Thread Gr8.8 Zinc plated

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Ningbo Zhongli Bolt Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a leading fastener manufacturer and supplier with more than 15 years’ experience in producing bolts.
We went to USA,Dubai, Russia,Germany to take part in many fastener fair to meet customers all over the world, Till now, we have exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, Middle East market.
The main products of our factory are high-strength hexagon head bolts of various sizes, with grades of 8.8 10.9 12.9. The sizes range from M10 to M48. Our factory is a very professional fastener factory, which can provide high-quality products.

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Fine pitch thread bolt details

* Material: Middle Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel

* Standard: DIN960,DIN961

* Thread: Fine pitch half thread or full threaded hex bolts

* Application: Industrial or Construction Fasteners for building, Bridge, Railway, oil and gas industry, wind energy tower etc

* Package: Small box, or 25kgs/carton, 36cartons/pallet

* Delivery: 60 days

Hex bolts DIN960 standard and dimensions


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Introduction of DIN960 hex bolts fine thread

What are fine pitch thread bolts?

Fine pitch thread bolts have the same shape as ordinary hexagonal bolts, but the difference is that the thread pitch on them is different.

What are fine pitch thread bolts made of?

Carbon Steel, most common seen carbon steel 10B21.

Where is the fine pitch thread bolts used?

Coarse thread and fine thread bolts are used for fastening. Fine pitch thread bolts are generally used to lock thin-walled parts and parts with high vibration-proof requirements. Fine thread has good self-locking performance, so it has strong anti-vibration and anti-loosening ability. However, due to the shallow depth of thread, the ability to bear greater tension is worse than that of coarse thread.

What are bolts coated with?

Zinc Plated, Plain, Black oxide. Hot dip Galvanizing

What are the grade properties of fine pitch thread bolts?

There are 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and other performance grades of fine pitch thread bolts.  

How do you use a fine pitch thread bolt?

Turn the screw head with a wrench to tighten it.

FAQ OF Cooperation

1. Are you a fine pitch thread bolts manufacturer?

Yes, we are a bolt factory, manufacturer and supplier of fine pitch thread bolts.

2. What other products does your company produce?

We mainly produce hex bolts, hex head flange bolts, Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws, stud bolts, hex nuts, etc.

3. How long is your delivery time for fine pitch thread bolts?

It takes 7-10 days for stock products. For bulk order, it will be about 60 days according to the order quantity.

4. Wonder if you accept small orders?

Do not worry. Please feel free to contact us, in order to give our clients more convenience ,we accept small order.

5. Can we use our own head mark or customize package for fine pitch thread bolts?

Yes, as a hex bolt manufacturer, we can customize the header and packaging. Please send a request when ordering.

6. How can we make an order for fine pitch thread bolts?

Just inquiry on our page or send an email or wechat 008615257861940

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