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New arrival 2023 high tensile Fine thread hex bolt DIN960

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High strength carbon steel bolt DIN960 Gr10.9

●Product name: hex bolts DIN960
●Standard: DIN standard
● Finish: Black oxide,Zinc plated,hdg
● Dimension: from M10 to M36
● Length: 20mm-300mm
● Material: 40Cr,35CrMo
● Grade: 10.9
● Packing: Cartons+plastic Bag
● Delivery time: 30-60 days


Mechanical test result

The hardness after heat treatment is about HRC33-38.
The yield ratio of bolt material is 0.9
The nominal tensile strength of bolt material reaches 1000MPa.
The nominal yield strength of bolt material reaches 1000 × 0.9=900MPa

Fine thread bolt standard and dimensions


Factory disply

fine pitch bolt din960


1.What's the difference between fine thread and coarse thread?
1):The pitch of coarse teeth is large, but that of fine teeth is small. 2): The strength of coarse teeth is high, and the fine teeth are well sealed. 3): The thread of coarse teeth has stronger anti-fatigue ability, which is convenient for frequent disassembly, and the fine teeth have strong self-locking ability, large bottom diameter and strong static load capacity.
2.What is the difference between fine teeth and coarse teeth in application?
Fine-threaded and coarse-threaded screws are used for fastening. Fine-threaded screws are generally used to lock thin-walled parts and parts that require high vibration resistance.
3.why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We have more than 19 years of fastener production experience, and we have professional pre-sales and after-sales teams.
4.What about the warranty?
We are very confident in our products, and we package them well to ensure that the goods are well protected. To avoid any subsequent troubles related to quality problems, we suggest that you check the goods after you receive them. If there is any transportation damage or quality problem, don't forget to take a detailed picture and contact us as soon as possible, and we will handle it properly to ensure that your loss is reduced to a minimum.

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