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Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 8.8 zinc plated Metric Carbon steel Galvanized

Hex Bolts

Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 8.8 zinc plated Metric Carbon steel Galvanized

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    Hex Bolt

    Specifications: M10-M48
    Place of Origin: Ningbo, China
    Brand Name: ZYL
    Material: 10B21,35K,45K,C1035,C1045
    Finish: Zinc-Plated
    Delivery: 30-60 days

    Metric Hex Bolt DIN931 Standard and Dimensions

    Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 82kh
    Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 8n2l

    Factory Display

    High Strength Hex Bolts UNC UNF GR5 (3)cri

    Ningbo Zhongli Bolts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 8msf

    Annealing Furnace

    DIN6914 HV 103cx

    Raw Material

    Hexagon bolt ISO4017 ZYL Brand full thread (8)db7

    Cold Forged Hex Bolts Workshop

    Hexagon bolt ISO4017 ZYL Brand full thread (10)5vc

    Threaded Rolling

    Hex socket screws DIN912 grade 8r6m


    Hexagon bolt ISO4017 ZYL Brand full thread (3)lvu

    Packing and Warehouse


    1.What are hex bolt?
    Hexagon bolt refers to the fastener composed of head and threaded rod, and threaded rod is divided into half thread and full thread.
    2.Application scope of hex bolt?
    Hexagon bolts are widely used in the production, installation and maintenance of various mechanical equipment, electronic products, communication equipment, furniture equipment, construction industry and other industries.
    3.What are the grades of external hexagon bolts produced by your factory?
    Grade 8.8/10.9/12.9
    4.What's the quality of the product? Can it be guaranteed?
    We have a strict quality control system from production to sales. The company has strong technical support and trained a group of managers who are familiar with product quality and are good at modern management concepts.
    5.What if you can't find the product you need on our website?
    You can send us the pictures/photos of the products you need by e-mail, and we will check to see if this product is available.

    Packing Department

    Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 8h7k

    Product Packaging

    Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 8xlk

    Pallets Phtos

    Hex Bolt DIN931 grade 8ofr

    Small Boxes Packing

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