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How To Remove A Stripped Hex Screw


There are many kinds of high-strength bolts, mainly above Grade 8.8, including half thread hex bolt Grade 10.9 and full thread bolt Gr12.9 carbon steel bolts and screws
High strength bolts and screws should be widely used in life. Let me introduce the usage:

A stripped hex screw can prevent you from removing it and carrying on with your project, but it doesn’t need to. You can remove a stripped hex screw in several ways, and some of them are as simple as using a pair of pliers. Whether you use a screw extractor, a grinding disk, or pliers, let’s take a look at how you can remove a stripped hex screw in no time.

Actually, there are many different ways to remove hex screws, but the best way to try it is to use a pair of pliers to remove hex screws. Just try to unscrew the hex socket screw from its position. If this method does not work, you can use one of the following methods

1.Use screw extractor. You will need a screw extractor, a pair of pliers, a hammr and a drill to realize this simple method. Please follow the steps below to use this method. Pick up the screw extractor and make a hole in the center of the screw head. You can do this with your hammer. Pick up your drill bit and drill a hole in the head of the hex screw. This should be just big enough to insert the screw puller into the hole. Strike with a hammer. Turn the screw extractor carefully; This should remove the screw from its position. Pull out the screw with pliers. Please note this method. When using this method, extra care should be taken. Specifically, when you turn the extractor, please note that uneven pressure will damage the extractor.

2.Use a grinding disc and screwdriver. In this method, you can use a grinding disc or saw blade. This machine is used for cutting and has sharp edges. Your screwdriver should be a flathead screwdriver. You also need a hammer. Please follow these steps to use this method: Use a grinding disc to cut out a slot large enough to accommodate the screwdriver tip in the stripped hexagonal screw head. Put the screwdriver into the slot you just created. Pick up your hammer and tap it counterclockwise. This should loosen the screws. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the bolt. Possible problems with this method The main problem with this method is that it can be challenging to remove the stripped hex screw without damaging it. When applying disks, you also need to be extra careful to avoid putting too much pressure on the screws.If you are using screws made of stainless steel or steel, then you will have to use reinforced cutting discs because they are very strong. Always be very careful when using this method.

3.Use tox and extension In order to practice this method, you will need some items, a Torx bit screw head, a socket, a screwdriver and a hammer. Note that you may need to add extensions to Torx bits, as they are usually short. Please follow these steps to use this method: Find a Torx bit that is slightly larger than the hole of the stripped hexagonal screw head. It can be a size, or you can measure it with your eyes. Using a hammer, click and fix the Torx bit on the spot. Connect the Torx bit or the other end of the extension to the driver or slot. This should help you easily remove the stripped hex screws.

Stripped hex screws can be painful. It’s best to prevent this from happening in the first place. To avoid peeling off the hex screws, always use the correct driver to ensure that the hex screws can be removed and replaced as needed. Using drivers with different shapes will eventually peel off or even break the head, making it difficult to remove the screws from their positions.

Post time: Sep-09-2022