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The use and grade of hexagon head bolt

Use of hexagon bolt

Hexagon screws and hex bolt, standard parts and fasteners are widely used in the production, installation and maintenance of various mechanical equipment, electronic products, communication equipment, furniture equipment, construction industry and other industries.

The outer hexagon screw is a matching nut used to fasten and connect two connected parts with through holes and components. Hex head screws are commonly used bolts. It is more important to use Class A and Class B outer hexagon. In addition, it is often used in the occasion of high assembly accuracy, large impact, vibration or cross rate load. Grade C outer 66 screws are used in situations where the surface is rough and the assembly accuracy is not required.


Grade of hexagon bolt

One of the standards for hexagon bolts is the level standard, which is divided into 10.9 and 8.8. These two levels are used more frequently in the market. Especially Grade 10.9  hexagon bolt. Because it is much cheaper than grade 8.8 hex bolts. Of course, it is more widely used. But for products with high requirements. Because of its high requirements in hardness and other aspects.

This requires the use of grade 8.8 hex bolts. Grade 8.8 outer hexagon bolt is harder in terms of hardness and screw torque. It is safer to use the product. Faster and more stable.

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Post time: Nov-08-2022