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International Hardware Exhibition in Cologne, Germany

From September 25 to 28, 2022, the biennial Cologne International Hardware Exhibition held was at the Cologne International Exhibition Center. About 1400 exhibitors from 50 countries and regions will show their innovative achievements, including tools, accessories, fasteners, connectors, DIY products, etc. 

More than 300 Chinese exhibitors participated in the Cologne Hardware Show, and more and more Chinese enterprises want to show the world China’s high-quality products and service concept through international exhibitions. With the enhancement of the international competitiveness of Chinese products and the remarkable results achieved in the exhibition, the scale and number of Chinese enterprises participating in the Cologne International Hardware Expo have also grown rapidly in recent years. 

Germany is one of the developed countries in the world economy. Its economic aggregate ranks third in the world after the United States and Japan. Germany is also a populous country in the European Union, with a population of 81 million. It is the world’s three largest markets and the largest economy in Europe. Germany is the main market for the consumption of all kinds of hardware products, and as time goes by, the demand of users for hardware gradually increases, and the market potential also expands, which provides more possibilities for Chinese enterprises to cooperate with German enterprises.

It is said that PRACTICAL WORLD is one of the most famous professional exhibitions with the highest reputation, the largest scale, the deepest influence in the world. The exhibition covers an area of 1425 million square meters, including 2291 foreign exhibitors, accounting for 85% of the exhibitors. 56500 visitors, including 33335 overseas visitors, accounting for 59% of the audience.

Cologne International Hardware Expo is a world leading event in the hardware industry, founded by Cologne International Exhibition Company in Germany, and has a history of nearly 80 years; The theme activities and seminars of the international exhibition in Cologne, Germany, which lead the development trend of the industry, radiate the important geographical location of the European, American and African economic circles, etc., making it the preferred international market development platform for manufacturers in the field of hardware, tools and home improvement in the world; It is an important stage for Chinese enterprises to develop internationally and balance the risks of international trade in a single region.


Post time: Oct-09-2022

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