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How to inspect high strength bolts?

The quality inspection of high-strength bolts can generally be divided into two stages: one is the processing process inspection based on the production process, and the other is the quality inspection after the high-strength bolts are tightened. These two inspections are very important, but one link of inspection immediately determines the connection quality of high-strength bolts.

Inspection contents of one link: machine equipment mode and machine equipment process of high-strength bolts; Solution and sorting of connection surface; Tightening methods of high-strength bolts, etc. The inspection of the processing technology of machinery and equipment is the key point and importance of the construction inspection quality of high-strength bolt engineering.

Inspection contents of the second ring section: 1. It is required to inspect the large angle high-strength bolts. It is required to investigate the high-strength bolts by hammering to avoid missing tightening. This type of method is mainly used to clamp the finger to one side of the nut. It is assumed that the finger feels slim and shivering in the direction, and should be close to the local area of the nut near the seal ring as much as possible. Then, a 0.3~0.5 kg hammer is used to strike the other side of the nut. If the finger feels that the shivering of the seedling is qualified, if the shivering is large, it may be missed or under tightened, and if it is not shivering completely, it may be over tightened. 2. Quality management and inspection of torsional shear type high-strength bolt connection pairs. Because of its structural characteristics, a part of the dried osmanthus at the construction site bears the reverse torque, so a part of the head of the osmanthus is twisted off. In other words, the foundation bolt connection pair has released the same torque.

Therefore, during the inspection, it is only required to estimate that the Osmanthus fragrans head is broken, which is regarded as qualified. However, the special wrench cannot be used for the anchor bolt at a separate position, so it is required to carry out the inspection according to the inspection method of high toughness large hexagon bolt with the same diameter

Post time: Oct-17-2022

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